Special Offer - 4-CD Set

Special Offer - 4-CD Set

Regal Tracks is a series of music tracks of some of the most notable songs throughout Southern Gospel History. They are produced and arranged in singer friendly keys by some of the most prestigious musicians in SGM. These performance tracks are the best rendition ever done on some of these songs. This makes them a joy to sing, perform and record with. They work great with soloist, duets, trios, quartets, vocal groups or choirs. These tracks are available as single track down loads, on line or on hard copy CDRs. Please check out the list of songs for Mp3 downloads on the "Tracks" tab. 

If you are interested in recording with these tracks, please contact Regal for proper leasing permission and licenses. You may lease individual tracks for recording at $150 each or lease four or more for $100 each.

If you’re interested in recording and producing an entire CD of Regal tracks, we can offer you an excellent recording experience in our RMG Studios, located near Asheville, in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We have budgets and recording packages available that entice the most professional groups and at the same time the most budget conscious.  For more studio information, just click here.

Regal Recording Licenses

One Song - $150.00 each
Four or More Songs - $100.00 each

10 Song Recording Package - $ 1,995.00
(add sales tax and shipping)

          Ten Regal Tracks
          One day recording studio time
          One day mixing & mastering
          Photo shoot
          200 CDs, packaged retail ready
          Graphics, CD Insert 2 panel 4X1, tray Liner 4X0
          Printing inserts - 2 panel 4X1,  tray liner 4X0

Please note, while some of these song are old enough to be in the “public domain” the recordings of these tracks are not. Please help us avoid legal investigation and contact our office for any use other than public performance.

FBI Warning
Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized Reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted music. The FBI Investigates Infringement.


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